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At just 18 years old, Jonas Gross realized that the world of pan flute music was facing new challenges. Few organizers showed any interest in pan flute players, so he decided to become an organizer himself. Pantasia was born. The concept began as an idea to perform locally with two pan flute ensembles and quickly developed into the popular Pantasia church concert series that we know today.

These concerts offer a modern twist on the traditional genre of church concerts. Instead of the usual classical pieces by Handel, Mozart and Bach, hits by Adele, Pink, Prince and Whitney Houston are played. Pantasia takes its audience on a musical dream journey and shows the timeless beauty of pan flute music.

The concerts are often a stage for talented guest musicians from various fields. From other pan flute groups to singers and guitarists to pianists, alphorn players and organists – Pantasia brings together a wide range of musical talents on one stage.

This combination of variety in the repertoire and diverse instrumentation makes the Pantasia church concerts an experience for listeners of all ages. The whole family gets their money's worth here!

Do you dream of being a soloist at a Pantasia concert? Then share your idea with us at and become part of this unique musical experience!


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