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Experience the wild child among pan flute concerts! Here, rock anthems and dreamy melodies are fused together without restraint. Sometimes rebellious and loud, sometimes gentle and delicate - since 2014, "The Wooden Tour" has been in full swing!

It all began with the release of the album "The Wooden Taste". To perform these songs live, Jonas Gross sought like-minded individuals and found the perfect partner in guitarist Nino Lentini. Together with a full band, then as a duo, and later as a trio with Damian Rozanec, they conquered stages at cultural venues, city festivals, and open-air events - yes, even in a prison!

During the concert, a wide range of instruments are used, including guitars, trumpets, and of course, the pan flute. And what happens when you plug a ukulele into a distortion pedal? Find out for yourself at our next concert near you!


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